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British “super-spreader” corona: “Strength for the people I have infected” | Abroad

Businessman and scout leader Steve Walsh (53) picked up the virus in Singapore during an international gas industry conference. He then traveled to the French Alps for a winter sports holiday, where he infected several people in the same chalet. A total of 11 people suspected the virus after contacting Walsh. That has earned him the uncompromising nickname “super-speaker” in the British press.

Only on February 6 was it established that Walsh had the virus among the members. The man himself says that he has hardly had any complaints. He has now also lost the virus. However, six of the eight corona cases in Great Britain can be traced to Walsh.


From the hospital in London, where Walsh is staying in quarantine as a precaution, he says: “I thank the hospital for taking good care now that I have recovered completely. My thoughts are self-evident with the people who are infected. When I heard that I had been in contact with infected people, I went straight to a hospital. Even though I had no symptoms at the time. ”

According to British media, none of the people infected by Walsh are in danger.

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