British star “Placebo” will perform in Sigulda next summer

“Placebo” will give a concert in the picturesque castle ruins as part of the latest, eighth, album tour. Six years ago, “Placebo” performed with great success in Riga, but even before that, fans were delighted at the festival “Positivus”.

It should be noted that due to the capacity of the Sigulda castle ruins stage, only 4,000 tickets will be on sale. Their sale in “Biļešu servis” will start on October 14 at 10 am.

“Placebo” was founded in 1994, when singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Brian Molko met guitarist Stefan Olsdal, and both are still the core of the band.

With 13 million records sold in 25 years, Placebo is arguably one of the leading alternative rock associations. The band’s debut album paved the way for a major change in British music, as it acted as a stark contrast to the then-dominant British pop and inspired a number of other bands to follow suit.

With five albums entering the top ten of the British charts, sold-out concert tours and festivals around the world, as well as collaborations with music legends such as David Bowie, Robert Smith and Michael Staips, Placebo has already been given a prominent place in British music history.

The forerunner of the association’s latest, eighth, album – the powerful single “Beautiful James” – recently reached fans, about which Brian Molko comments: “If the song annoys limited and stereotyped people, I’m happy about it. But it’s still very important to me that each listener reveals their personal story – I really don’t want to tell you how you should feel. ”

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