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British royal family: relationship with Charlotte warmed the relationship between Kate and Meghan? Information from the book Finding Freedom


Princess Charlotte is a public favorite. The media follows her life almost from birth, comparing to other family members. The daughter of William and Kate seems to have a distance to the family in which she was brought up. So she is not afraid to show the language to photojournalists or mention in passing about the alleged fourth pregnancy of her mother … We have no doubts, we will hear about Charlotte many times!

Meanwhile, the authors of the book “Finding Freedom” mentioned the character of the princess Omid Scobie i Carolyn Durand. In the foreign media it is said that the Sussexs gave the authors their “blessing”. Moreover, they reportedly spent a lot of time talking to them, revealing details his brief episode at the British court. Their spokesman, however, denies these rumors. In the statement, he stressed that the Sussexs had nothing to do with the publication. However, this did not diminish the interest in the book.

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Princess Charlotte was softening the relationship between Kate and Meghan? New revelations of the authors of the book “Finding Freedom”

We already know more and more about this book. Publication of “Dey Street Books” will see the light of day on August 11 this year. It is already available for pre-sale on the American Amazon website. Prices range from $ 14.99 to $ 27.99. For several days, foreign portals have been regularly delivering new fragments of the book. This time “Mirror” revealed a bit the history of relations at Kensington Palace.

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According to the authors of the book, the relationship between Meghan and Kate was tense from the beginning. Why? It could be a difference of characters and a completely different way of life. Kate in the publication Omida Scobie i Carolyn Durand she is presented as distrustful and withdrawn towards newly met people. The Duchess is said to have a small circle of trusted friends among whom she can feel at ease. Meghan Markle did not belong to him.

Things were tense when Meghan and Harry moved into Kensington Palace, right next to Prince William and his family. This is where Charlotte comes into play. The five-year-old is said to have had great contact with her new aunt. She spent a lot of time with her uncle’s wife, which was supposed to positively affect Meghan-Kate’s relationship and soothe the conflicts and quarrels in the air.

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It is true that the representatives of the court did not confirm the information contained in the book “Finding Freedom”, but the news that the resolute Charlotte had a good influence on the relationship between my mother and aunt is not surprising!

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Source: Mirror

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