British researchers discover new ‘worrisome’ corona mutation –

Another mutation of the coronavirus has been identified in the UK, which is worrying scientists. The so-called ‘Bristol variant’ has the E484K mutation, which makes the virus more contagious.

This mutation had already been detected in the Brazilian and South African variants and was also recently identified in the British variant. The new Bristol variant would look a bit more like the South African version of the virus. “This variant is not only more contagious, but can also more easily bypass our immune system,” says science expert at Het Laatste Nieuws, Martijn Peters.

Due to the E484K mutation, there is a chance that current vaccines work less well against the Bristol variant. Marc van Ranst, the well-known Flemish virologist, is not surprised about the new mutation. “Viruses are constantly mutating. And if a mutation is conducive to a virus, it will occur more often. ”


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