British prime minister thought to change his name in honor of the god of the north wind

Boris Johnson at the UN General Assembly

The British Prime Minister spoke at the UN General Assembly and spoke about serious things in a comic style.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted to change his name in honor of the god of the north wind in Greek mythology. He stated this, speaking at the UN General Assembly, writes The Guardian.

The head of the British government, in order to support renewable energy sources, wanted to become Borey Johnson.

“We have built huge forests from wind turbines in the North Sea between Britain and the Netherlands. We produce so much energy thanks to the wind that I even thought to change my name in honor of the god of the north wind and become Boreas Johnson,” said the prime minister.

He made his speech about climate change and environmental problems in a humorous style. And even remembered the character of the Muppets show Kermit the frog.

“When Kermit the frog sang that being green is not easy, – I will say that he was wrong. It’s easy, and pleasant, and right,” Johnson said.

He also added that if urgent environmental measures are not taken, the planet will become “uninhabitable – not only for us, but for many other species as well.”

Earlier Boris Johnson made a confession and declassified the number of his children… “Parenting is amazing. It’s a great job that I really enjoy. I change diapers a lot,” said the Prime Minister.

Prior to this, Johnson called a wave of indignation at the statement about Thatcher. Boris Johnson joked that the closure of Margaret Thatcher’s coal mines has accelerated Britain’s fight against climate change.

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