British parliamentary year opens without Queen Elizabeth II

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II struggles with ‘mobility issues’, Buckingham Palace reports. As a result, she will not be able to attend the upcoming garden parties at Buckingham Palace and will miss the opening of the British parliamentary year.

It is one of the oldest traditions in the United Kingdom: the monarch opens the parliamentary year with a speech in the House of Lords. However, it has not been without problems in recent years. In 2020 everyone had to stay at home because of corona. The following year, the pandemic necessitated a speech in a much smaller group. Fate now strikes again: due to health problems, the queen will not be able to attend in 2022. Prince Charles will read her speech.

It is probably not the last time that the royal family has to step in for the queen. Buckingham Palace cites ‘recurring mobility problems’ as the reason for Queen Elizabeth II’s absence. A few days ago, the Queen also canceled the garden parties in Buckingham Palace on 11, 18 and 25 May.

The 96-year-old queen is rarely seen in public anymore. The pandemic has obviously played a role in the past two years, but her health is also taking its toll. In October, she spent one night in hospital and had to rest on doctor’s advice. In March pulled the Queen out of Buckingham Palace and she moved to Windsor Castle.

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