British government blocks Scottish transgender law with unique veto


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The British government is going to veto a Scottish bill that would make it easier for people to legally change their gender. The ministers are concerned that the bill is contrary to legal equality.

The British government says it is concerned about the safety of women, among other things. Malicious men could pose a threat to girls and women by giving them easier access to women’s areas, such as changing rooms, after a fictitious gender reassignment.

Downing Street has the power to prevent a Scottish bill from actually becoming law. The government uses the ‘section 35 order’ for this. It is the first time that a British government has vetoed a Scottish bill.

‘Frontal Attack’

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon previously said a veto would be a scandal. She calls the decision a “frontal attack” on the Scottish Parliament and says she will defend the law. The Scots are likely to challenge the British government’s decision.

The bill was passed by the Scottish Parliament in December. Scotland is the first country in the UK to pass such a law, including removing the need for a medical diagnosis and lowering the minimum age from 18 to 16.

Countries such as Ireland, Denmark and Argentina have already passed similar legislation.

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