British expert explains why Putin’s “deterioration” in health is connected – UNIAN

There is no convincing evidence” that Putin is seriously ill, the analyst said.

In reports of the deteriorating health of Russian President Vladimir Putin little truth.

This was announced on Sky News by British professor and analyst Michael Clarke.

Clark believes that the head of the Kremlin is “just a hypochondriac.”

He recalled that Putin, who will turn 70 in October, “hit Botox quite hard,” and his doctors “are always there.”

Professor Clarke says there is “no convincing evidence” that he is seriously ill, saying that in the propaganda videos he looks “okay”.

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Cancer in Putin – what is known

As UNIAN wrote, earlier there were rumors about Putin’s thyroid cancer or cancer in the abdomen. About what Putin has serious cancersin particular, Bellingcat investigator Hristo Grozev also reported.

Recently, rumors about the illness of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his upcoming operation.

Russian human rights activist Mark Feigin noted that there is no direct evidence of the illness of the aggressor of the Russian Federation, because this is the main state secret, but this betrays his appearance. He says Putin is an old 70-year-old man with a load of diseases.

Rumors of Putin’s deteriorating health raise the question of his successor. As journalists managed to find out, temporarily replace the main bloody dictator of the world maybe Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev.

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