British blanket store reveals expected Galaxy S20 cases and shape

British blanket store reveals expected Galaxy S20 cases and shape

British retail site MobileFun released the full list of official series phone covers (Galaxy S20Expected Galaxy S20 Samsung.

According to the site, The Galaxy S20 phone covers range from £ 17.99 to £ 59.99, in different colors depending on the models. There are three models from the phone: (Galaxy S20), (Galaxy S20 Plus), and (Galaxy S20 Ultra), noting that Samsung has never added the (Ultra) suffix to any of its previous phones.

There are also new covers from the Danish textile manufacturer Kvadrat for the three models, which are made from tightly woven material such as the fabric covers on Nest Home Mini devices and Google’s Pixel phones.

It is noteworthy that the most important thing in the list and the published photos reveal what appears to be the final design of the phones (Galaxy S20). It also reveals new colors unusual for Samsung, including: black, white, gray, pink, silver, red and dark blue for some models.

Samsung is expected to officially announce the Galaxy S20 phones during its February 11 event.

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