British and Russian defense ministers will discuss the crisis at Ukraine’s border

British Defense Minister Ben Wolless and Russia Minister of defence Sergei Shoigu will meet to discuss the crisis with Russia and Ukraine borders.

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According to a high-level source in the UK defense community on Saturday, Shawig “accepted Woles ‘invitation to meet”, but given that the previous meeting of the two countries’ defense ministers took place in London in 2013, he offered to meet in Moscow this time.

As Russia draws large forces and military equipment to Ukraine’s borders, there is growing concern in the West about the possibility of a serious military conflict in Europe.

Earlier this week, Wolless announced that Great Britain has decided to supply Ukraine with weapons, including anti – tank missiles, stating that a “small number” of British troops will help the Ukrainians to acquire this weaponry.

Rebutting Russian President Vladimir Putin ‘s recent claims that NATO countries supply Ukraine with modern armaments, the British defense minister stressed that these are short-range weapons for defense.

“This is not a strategic weapon and does not threaten Russia,” he said.

British Foreign Secretary Lisa Trass said during a visit to Australia on Friday that Putin would “make a big strategic mistake” if he decided to invade Ukraine.

She warned that Russia would risk being drawn into a protracted conflict like the Soviet Union, which invaded Afghanistan.

“He has not learned from history,” he said.

According to Trass, such a step would cost Russia dearly.

“We are ready to impose very severe sanctions and at the same time work to support Ukraine in strengthening its defense forces,” she added.

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