British agent and serial rapist gets 36 life terms and must certainly spend 32 years in prison | Abroad

A London police officer has been sentenced to at least 32 years in prison for a long string of violence against women and sexual abuse. The judge sentenced David Carrick to 36 life terms, of which he is in prison for at least 32 years. After that, he can be released on parole.

The 48-year-old Carrick previously pleaded guilty to 49 charges, including 24 rapes of 12 women. He also pleaded guilty to nine assaults, two attempted rapes and three kidnappings. That makes him one of the worst serial rapists ever in the country. All the rapes took place while he was working for the police. The judge called him “a great danger to women.”

Police said Carrick met some of the women through online dating sites or on social occasions, using his position as a police officer to gain their trust. The victims felt unable to come forward sooner because Carrick had told them they would not be believed.


Between 2000 and 2021, the British police received more reports of misconduct by Carrick. In October 2021 he was arrested and suspended. The London police force has already apologized for not recognizing the pattern sooner. From now on, police districts must check their officers and other personnel against the national police databases in order to identify individuals who have something to report.

Carrick was a member of The Metropolitan Police (Met) unit responsible for protecting parliament and diplomatic missions in the capital. His misconduct at The Met was reported nine times. He was screened twice and later even promoted to a unit responsible for the security of government buildings and embassies.

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The now 48-year-old David Carrick confessed to 49 crimes, including 24 rapes, against twelve women. © via REUTERS

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