Britain will not deploy warships to the Black Sea, this is the reason


British battleship HMS Defender. Photo/Royal Navy

LONDON – Britain will not deploy warships to the Black Sea to assist in shipping Ukrainian grain.

The move was announced by British Prime Minister (PM) Boris Johnson. Grain shipments from Ukraine were disrupted after Russia’s attack on the country.

Ukraine is one of the world’s major grain exporters. The war between Ukraine and Russia triggered food crises in various countries.

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Speaking in Parliament on Monday, Johnson was asked to confirm whether he wanted to violate the Montreux Convention, a 1936 international treaty that allows Turkey to block access to the Black Sea for warships from outside the region.

The British PM replied, “No, we don’t see that. There is an alternative solution that does not involve the presence of British or other warships in the Black Sea.”

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Johnson suggested that the Danube and other rivers, as well as rail transport, could be used to ship grain from Ukraine.

“These methods can help remove smaller quantities of grain, compared to regulating maritime convoys,” the PM said.

“We’re looking at all possible options,” Johnson said.

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