Britain removes 200 cats and dogs from Kabul and completes evacuation


Pen Farthing with one of the lucky ticket animals

Since the beginning of August, Britain has removed 15,000 civilians, 1,000 soldiers, 40 cats and 160 dogs from Afghanistan.

Britain has completed an operation to evacuate from Afghanistan civilians, soldiers and Afghans who were helping the British. Since August 13, about 15 thousand civilians and a thousand military personnel have been removed. About it reported British Ambassador to Afghanistan Laurie Bristow.

“It’s time to end this phase of the operation, but we have not forgotten about the people who still want to leave the country. We will continue to do our best to help them,” he said in a video message, which he posted on Twitter.

Also on the UK Department of Defense Twitter page appeared messagethat the United Kingdom is evacuating 40 cats and 160 dogs from Kabul who were at an animal shelter run by former British military man Pen Farthing.

The operation was named Noah’s Ark.

Farthing began rescuing the animals of Afghanistan in 2006. During his service in this country, he realized that not only people need help, but also a large number of animals.

The Marine gave shelter to a dog found on the street, which became his fighting brother. Farthing even wrote two books and organized the Afghan Dogs and Cats Foundation, funded by donations from philanthropists.

More than 600 people were taken out of Afghanistan – OP

We add that the completion of the evacuation from Afghanistan announced also France.

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