Britain declared that Putin was wrong about the West and promised 600 more missiles to Ukraine

Britain plans to send 600 Brimstone missiles to Ukraine to help the country fight Russia. This was announced by Defense Minister Ben Wallace, quoted by Reuters.

He met with his colleagues from allied countries at the Tappa military base in Estonia.

Wallace outlined the previously announced military aid package for Ukrainewhich includes challenger tanksand gave additional information about the missiles that London will send to Kyiv.

Russia threatened Britain that its tanks would “burn” in Ukraine

The West used Ukraine as a tool to achieve its anti-Russian goals

“I can say that we will send another 600 Brimstone missiles to the theater of operations, which will be extremely important to help Ukraine dominate the battlefield,” he stressed and assured that Western unity against Russian President Vladimir Putin remains strong and the allies will be in it “for a long time”.

“If President Putin is counting on us getting bored this year, he’s wrong. We will continue this year and next year and beyond,” Wallace warned of continued Western arms support for Ukraine.

British army chief: Arms for Ukraine are weakening us

British army chief: Arms for Ukraine are weakening us

In a message sent to troops and seen by the BBC

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