Britain avoids lockdown. Johnson introduced a three-stage system

Under the new approach, the English regions will be divided into a total of three categories, which will help simplify the current mix of local constraints. The full list of areas and levels to which they fall will be published by the government during Monday. Depending on the severity of the situation, the individual levels are called “low, high and very high”.

Most of England should currently fall into the first category. Measures such as the six rule or the “convenience store” for pubs or other hospitality establishments introduced by the country last month will continue to be followed in the area.

Rule six

Rule six is ​​used in England to restrict the gathering of people. It allows a maximum of six people from different households to meet.

The level of high vigilance will belong to areas where local closures are already in place. In these territories, people will not be able to meet indoors beyond their home, but outdoor meetings will only be subject to Rule Six.

In third-level areas, the government wants to prevent indoor contact between members of different households. Acquaintances should meet, for example, while walking in the park. Only those restaurants where food is sold will be able to remain open, alcohol may be able to be served only with it. It is not recommended to travel in or out of these areas.

The British authorities will still discuss other measures, such as the closure of gyms. This will happen, for example, in the city of Liverpool, which ranks under the new system under the new system. However, additional measures should not apply to the closure of shops or schools.

Referring to a briefing on Monday morning led by Jonathan Van-Tam, the deputy chief physician for England, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the multiplication of cases and subsequent hospitalizations were now a “stark reality” in the country.

“We don’t want to live our lives this way, but it’s a narrow path between social and economic trauma from a complete lockdown that we have to balance,” Johnson said. Legislators will vote on the proposal on Tuesday. If approved, it will take effect on Wednesday.

In the UK, more than 600,000 people have become infected since the outbreak of the pandemic and more than 40,000 have died with covid-19. Measures in England are decided by the central London government, and measures in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are decided by regional governments there.

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