Brit (39) shot dead in front of his home in Aartselaar (B)

A 39-year-old Briton was killed around 11 p.m. on Saturday evening in a shooting outside his apartment in Aartselaar. According to the Antwerp prosecutor’s office, it appears to be a professional settlement (liquidation). The gunmen are on the run.

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The victim was waiting in the driveway in front of his apartment in the Baron Van Ertbornstraat in Aartselaar (near Antwerp), when he arrived in his car. According to the prosecutor’s office, at least two suspects fired at the Briton, after which the gunmen fled in a car. The victim died at the scene from several gunshot wounds.

The investigation is being conducted by the Antwerp Federal Judicial Police. The perpetrators are still being sought. No motive is known yet.

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