Brisbane Australia to be the preferred negotiator for the 2032 Olympics… South-North joint hosting becomes difficult

Thomas Bach Chairman of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). [로이터=연합뉴스]

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced on the 24th (local time) that it has selected Brisbane, Australia as the preferred venue for the 2032 Summer Olympics.

IOC Chairman Thomas Bach said at a video briefing that day, “I unanimously approved the recommendation of the Summer Olympics Future Promotion Committee to select such a priority negotiation area.”

The IOC cited the reasons why Brisbane, Australia, ▶ utilized 80-90% of the stadium as an existing facility or temporary stadium ▶ good climate in July and August ▶ excellent transportation infrastructure ▶ ▶ experience in hosting major international sports events.

Accordingly, the IOC and Australia will conduct exclusive negotiations to host the 2032 Olympics. Once the negotiations are successfully concluded and voted at the IOC General Assembly, Australia will host the Summer Olympics for the third time after Melbourne (1956) and Sydney (2000).

The government’s plan to jointly host the 2032 Summer Olympics in Seoul and Pyongyang has become less likely to be realized. In the 2018 Pyongyang Joint Declaration, President Moon Jae-in expressed his willingness to jointly host the two Koreas through a New Year’s address last year after agreeing to “cooperate to attract joint hosting of the Olympics”. In 2019, after a keynote speech at the UN General Assembly, he met with Chairman Bach and requested active cooperation from the IOC.

In the competition to host the 2032 Olympic Games, Australia, South and North Korea, Qatar Doha, Hungary Budapest, Germany Rhein-Rur, China Chengdu and Chongqing, Indonesia Jakarta, India New Delhi, Istanbul Turkey, and St. Petersburg Russia participated.

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Reporter Jeong Young-gyo [email protected]

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