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Bripda Haris Sitanggang on trial for murder of online taxi driver Sony Rizal Taihitu


Bripda Haris Sitanggang charged with the murder of a taxi driver online, Sony Rizal Taihitu. The trial revealed the contents of the conversation between Haris and Sony prior to the murder.

At first, Haris Sitanggang looked for online taxi targets that he was going to rob. He planned the robbery to replace his brother Pitnem Leonard Sitanggang’s money, which he had tricked for online gambling.

The murder started when Haris randomly searched for targets, on Monday (23/1/2023) in the morning. At that time, Haris approached the victim who was cut at the stop opposite Polda Metro Jaya. At that time, Sony brought a Toyota Avanza with red number B-1739-FZG.

“The defendant approached the driver of the red Toyota Avanza and asked, “Sir, interesting ga?” then the driver (victim Sony Rizal Taihitu) asked back “Where to?” then the defendant answered “To Depok, to Bukit Cengkeh”. Then the victim Sony Rizal Taihitu asked “Alone?” then the defendant answered “Yes sir,” said the prosecutor reading out the indictment at the trial at the Depok District Court, Wednesday (14/6/2023).

Sony Rizal then invited Haris Sitanggang to go up, saying “Yes, it’s up ajaHaris then asked Sony about the cost of the fare.

“And answered by the victim Sony Rizal Taihitu “customize the application aja“, at that time the victim Sony Rizal Taihitu checked the application and said “93 thousand” then the defendant offered “90 yes sir” and finally the victim Sony Rizal Taihitu agreed to a price of IDR 90 thousand and then the defendant got into a 1.3 G Toyota Avanza car red number B 1739-FZG and sat behind the driver in the middle seat,” explained the prosecutor.

Arriving at Jalan Banjarmasin, Bukit Cengkeh Housing, Depok City, Bripda Haris Sitanggang looking for various reasons and asking the victim to stop the car while saying “Sir, wait a minute, I forgot my money ga there.” Haris then pretended to ask his friend for money.

“Then the defendant returned to the car, then the defendant said”No Sir, it turns out, if you go to the ATM first, you can No?”, then the victim says “yes Already Come on,” said the prosecutor.

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