“Bringing Up Bates” Kelly Bates publishes precious photos of little Kenna

Raise Bates Star Kelly Bates shared several treasured photos of her latest granddaughter, little Kenna Joy. She reads on for all the details and check out the adorable snaps.

The Bates family is constantly growing. This week, Gil and Kelly’s latest granddaughter arrived. And next spring two more grandchildren will arrive. Katie Bates and Travis Clark are expecting their first child, a girl named Hailey James. The fifth child of Alyssa Bates and John Webster is also on the way.

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For now the focus is on Nathan and Esther Bates, celebrating the birth of their first child.

Nathan and Esther Bates become parents

How Ace TV programs reported, Nathan and Esther welcomed their first baby in the world on October 17. Towards the end of October 19, the new parents shared their exciting news. Their daughter, Kenna Joy, is happy and healthy.

Raise Bates: Kelly Bates releases adorable photos

Of course, proud grandmother Kelly Bates couldn’t help but snap some photos while visiting the little one in the hospital. She shared one Instagram Film with many images of Kenna’s first moments of life.

His post indicates that he was present at Kenna’s birth. She was spotted in Arkansas, where Nathan and Esther live, a few days before the baby was born. Several members of the Duggar family, who also live in Arkansas, were able to visit the Bates family in the hospital.

In his post Raise Bates Star Kelly shared her joy and talked about some of the special moments of Kenna’s birth. She wrote: “What a great birthing experience! Ester was great! After giving birth, who says,” It was so much fun “?”

Then she added: “The hospital, the doctors and the staff were all great! And you can see that Kenna is already very much loved! Shortly after giving birth, Esther looked at little Kenna and said in her sweet voice: ‘Kenna, I’ll take you everywhere! ‘ What a precious moment! “

Below you can read the complete post and view the reel with all the photos.

Raise Bates fans react

Fans love all the new photos Kelly shared of her latest grandson. They think the baby is beautiful and can’t wait to see her grow up. Many are sending their best wishes to the entire Bates family at this exciting time.

So what do you think of all the new photos of Kenna Joy? I love all the baby updates from Raise Bates Family? Stop in the comments section below and go back Ace TV programs for the latest news on Kelly Bates and her family.

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