Bring Kellen to Meet Her Stepbrother, Krisdayanti Suddenly Says Thank You to Raul Lemos, Aurel Hermansyah Leaves An Unexpected Message for Stepfather

Sosok.ID – Now, relationship Krisdayanti and Aurel Hermansyah slowly getting better.

Even husband Krisdayanti, Raul Lemos began to often become involved with the life of the stepdaughter.

Known in advance, the relationship Aurel Hermansyah and Krisdayanti was colored by misunderstanding.

Because it is not under the same roof, misunderstandings often occur between Krisdayanti with Aurel Hermansyah.

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Launching Grid.ID, things got even more complicated when Raul Lemos’ name was dragged into Krisdayanti’s feud with Aurel Hermansyah.

From there, Aurel Hermansyah’s relationship with Raul Lemos was reportedly strained.

Several times, Krisdayanti hoped that the relationship between Aurel Hermansyah and Raul Lemos would improve.

But later, Krisdayanti suddenly thanked Raul Lemos about Aurel Hermansyah.

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Yes, Krisdayanti’s improving relationship with Aurel Hermansyah can be seen from the diva’s Instagram post on Friday (30/7/2021).

Launching the upload to the Instagram account @krisdayantilemos, Sunday (1/8/2021) Krisdayanti has just visited the house of her son-in-law, Atta Halilintar.

Not alone, Krisdayanti brought along with Aurel Hermansyah’s youngest sister, Kellen Lemos.

Quoted from the Instagram Story post @aurelie.hermansyah, the stepbrother looks so happy to welcome Kellen Lemos to his house.

The warm interaction between Krisdayanti, Aurel Hermansyah and Kellen instantly made netizens happy.

In the end, the cold war between mother and daughter ended.

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As evidence, Krisdayanti also uploaded her portrait sitting together flanked by her son and daughter-in-law.

“Friday afternoon is a blessing, stay healthy and keep your spirits up yaa,” wrote Krisdayanti in her post.

Greetings to all, always under the protection of God YME Allah SWT, “ the lid.

Screenshot Instagram/@krisdayantilemos

Krisdayanti’s post was commented on by her husband, Raul Lemos

Suddenly, Krisdayanti’s post was greeted with much praise and support from various parties.

But among the many comments that came in, it was the comment from Raul Lemos that attracted the most attention.

The father of Amora and Kellen Lemos left a warm comment with 3 heart emojis.

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Comment Raul Lemos this seems to support the efforts of the wife who seems to be close to the child.

The comment was warmly replied by Krisdayanti.

Through his comments, Krisdayanti grateful for the attention given Raul Lemos.

It’s cold again, Aurel Hermansyah and the husband asked Krisdayanti say hello to Raul Lemos.

@raullemos06 thank you dear, greetings from the children earlier,” he replied.

Until this news is broadcast, comment Raul Lemos has been liked by more than 500 Instagram account users.



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