bring champagne, not viruses!

It may have spoiled the mood on your Christmas Eve: the acute diarrhea virus is back!

Alsace is colored red and orange on the surveillance map from the Sentinelles network, a network of general practitioners working with Inserm and Public Health France. It is the north of Alsace, the sector of Wissembourg and the Parc des Vosges du Nord, which is the most affected, with more than 250 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, on average.

The Sentinel network map for week 51 - None
The Sentinelles network map for week 51

Avoid kisses and wash your hands

Family reunions, end of year celebrations, will facilitate the spread of viruses. To limit the risks of spreading acute diarrhea, but also the flu, you should think about washing your hands regularly.

We must also think about protect your loved ones : no kisses to small children and the elderly if you know you are sick. Don’t kiss your friends or your colleagues either …

There is no real cure for the virus, which in principle disappears quickly.

Avoid alcohol and fatty foods

If you endure the first symptoms of gastroenteritis, do not force yourself to eat, advises Dr Claude Bronner, general practitioner in Strasbourg. Hydrate, give up alcohol and fatty foods. “The easiest way is to listen to yourself“assures Dr. Bronner,”you have to listen to yourself, eat little and drink a lot of liquid, water and soup. Leave alcohol completely aside. “

The Sentinelles network colored the region yellow for chickenpox but influenza has not reached Alsace yet. There is still time to get vaccinated.

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