BRIN Researchers Issue Rainstorm Alert for the Next 3 Days as Cyclone Herman Approaches

Rainfall map in Jakarta. Photo: Special

JAKARTA – BRIN Researcher, Dr. Erma Yulihastin stated that the meso-gamma vortex near Sumatra has now developed into a giant tropical cyclone Herman. Its growth continues to accelerate into a super cyclone.

Through his Twitter, @EYulihastin, the public is also advised to be vigilant and careful with the disasters that will occur for the next 3 days.

“Not only does cyclone Herman have the potential to continue growing, but its effect will strengthen westerly winds and provide adequate zonal wind support for south-vortex growth in the Banda Sea. Therefore, the Kupang and Flores regions must be aware of the impact of this vortex,” he said, quoted on Wednesday (29/3/2023).

He continued, the natural conditions that are occurring in the southern atmosphere of Indonesia at this time, such as repeating the incident from March 28 to April 4 2021, from the vortex turning into a Seroja hitting Flores.

“You must know one thing, why did Seroja cyclone kill up to 181 people and disappear 72 people? This is due to the lack of public knowledge, that there is an anomaly from a large vortex storm system that lasts a long time (persistent) and continues (sustains) near their area ,” he continued.

The rapid change in the weather, has begun to be felt at this time. The Greater Jakarta area was hit by heavy rains. Residents were also asked to be vigilant with the possibility of rain accompanied by wind for the next 3 days.

“The effect has started, rainstorms in an elongated pattern called the squall line are delivered by Cyclone Herman to Sumatra and Java. Starting from Jabodetabek now,” he concluded.

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