BRIN: Red and White Vaccine Seeds Developed by Eijkman According to Industry Standards – The Eijkman Molecular Biology Research Center (PRBME) of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) said the Red and White vaccine seeds developed by Eijkman were in accordance with industry standards.

“According to the industry, the ‘seed vaccine’ (vaccine seed) has met industry standards where the yield or yield is in accordance with industry demand, it is also immunogenic, then the seeds have also produced good yields,” said vaccine researcher at PRBME Tedjo Sasmono in Workshop on Molecular Biology Research at BRIN at the Eijkman LBM Auditorium in Jakarta, reported by Antara, Tuesday (28/12).

PRBME was formerly known as the Eijkman Institute for Molecular Biology before joining BRIN. PRBME developed the Merah Putih vaccine seed with a recombinant protein platform using yeast cells and mammalian cells.

For platforms that use yeast cells, the vaccine seeds are already at PT Bio Farma as a vaccine development industry partner.

“The yeast already meets the requirements of the industry and will be further developed, produced,” he said.

He said that the continuation of the development of vaccine seeds to become vaccines is now in the hands of the industry, while the main part of research on vaccine seeds which is the task of PRBME has been completed.

Even though it has succeeded in creating vaccine seeds, PRBME is still continuing to interact for the development of vaccines from these vaccine seeds with Bio Farma. PRBME continues to regularly conduct consultations, discussions and find the best purification method for vaccine development with PT Bio Farma so that the vaccine is expected to be immediately downstreamed by Bio Farma.

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“Now the ball is in Bio Farma’s hands to develop. We will continue to develop together with Bio Farma,” he said.

Meanwhile, for vaccine seeds that have been developed using mammalian cells, he said the industry assesses that the yield or productivity of vaccine seeds has met the requirements.

“Yields already meet the requirements of the industry based on the parameters they set economically,” he said.

Scientifically, the vaccine seeds have met the immunogenicity aspect or have the ability to trigger an immune response so that they can produce antibodies in the human body. However, for the vaccine seed development platform that uses mammalian cells, PRBME has not yet found an industrial partner and is still negotiating with the industry, said Tedjo Sasmono.

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