Brilliant savings tip: rental car for 1 euro

Normally rental car providers work with expensive service providers who transfer rental cars from A to B again. Movacar does things differently! The startup opens these transfer trips* bookable. this is how you come cheap at one rental car for your next vacation. Movacar offers selected routes for only 1 euro to, many with the option of one spacious camper for rent. There are many offers including tank fillingon top Movacar gives you a voucher from amazon.

But Movacar goes one better: Many providers give you the tank filling to your 1 euro rental car, so the fuel for your tour is included. A win-win situation: you can Rent a car for 1 euro (the so-called one-way rental) and the rental car provider saves the costs for the transfer. underneath many popular routes* such as Munich-Turin, Leipzig-Seville or Stuttgart-Marseille.

Movacar gives you the opportunity to comfortable and flexible to get from one city to another with a rental car. And that to Saving price of only 1 euro.* With many offers, the tank filling is included, exact information is displayed in the offer (more on this in our FAQ). and many routes will with camper van offered. Compared to public transport, the rental car has the advantages that too flexible in time are, one high travel comfort enjoy and the Choose the number of passengers freely can.

The offer is so cheap that you probably have doubts as to whether there isn’t a catch. We can reassure you: Movacar is a established companywhich is a win-win situation for car rental companies and renters who want a cheap travel option seek, create. Movacar’s partners include well-known rental car companies such as Europcar, AVIS or Roadsurfer.

Rental car for 1 euro this way*

Rent a car: One-way rental for 1 euro – this is how it works

The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: Rental car rental companies have to distribute their cars to areas where demand is high. For these empty trips, they commission professional driving services, which cost a lot of money. Movacar reduces the unused empty trips and provides the rental car for a ‘One-way’ trip at an absolute bargain price on, including many campers. The landlord saves costs for the transfer, the Tenant benefits from a cheap one-way rental – and on top of that, those involved make one small contribution to environmental protection.

After you have decided on a car, you will receive one booking confirmation. You then only need yours for collection Driver’s license, ID and a credit card with your name on it. For security, one Deposit reserved on your credit card. However, you will receive this back if you return the vehicle on time at the agreed location. In the case of offers with an included tank filling, you will be refunded the money for fuel receipts afterwards.

Discover the range of routes offered by Movacar*

1-euro rental car: Your advantages & holiday inspiration

Movacar offers one large selection of routes*, the you filter by location and date can. If you don’t find the right route for you, you can create one yourself Activate route alarm, which will let you know when the route is available again. And for one One-way rental of only 1 euro it’s easier to throw your holiday plan overboard.

These advantages make the Movacar offer unique:

  • you travel comfortably and flexibly from A to B, many popular routes across Europe
  • Vacation and road trip for 1 euro, many routes with a campervan
  • many offers include a tank filling, so you save twice
  • Get an additional 10 euro Amazon voucher with voucher code “AMZ22”.
  • you have enough time (usually 24-72 hours) to bring the car to the destination
  • the booking contains enough inclusive kilometers for small detours
  • the rent includes a protection package – so you are protected in the event of damage
  • Upgrades such as child seats can be booked on site

Rental car for 1 euro: Strike now*

Hire a campervan: Popular routes for European holidays

Are you planning your next holiday and are you flexible in terms of time and location? Then the offer from Movacar is doubly worthwhile. Because here you save money and you stand by many routes spacious camper to disposal. We have that Route offer browsed* – these are our favourites:

Trip to Spain

Whether from Nuremberg to Malagafrom Berlin to Madrid or from Munich to Barcelona – with the Rental car offers for 1 euro you can reach popular vacation spots in Spain from all over Germany. You can make flexible stops along the way, for example making a detour to Montpellier on the French Mediterranean coast.

With the rental car to Austria

Do you feel like relaxing in the mountains with lots of nature? Then we can recommend the route offers to Austria, for example Berlin-Graz (with a stopover in Prague) or Trier-Gerasdorf Wien (with a stop in Nuremberg or Regensburg).

Benelux, Switzerland & Co.: Your summer vacation through Europe

Movacar’s route network is diverse, in addition to the classics such as Spain, Italy or France, we came across the following offers:

  • Benelux with the capital of the EU, e.g. B. Freiburg/BreisgauBrussels with detours in Strasbourg or Luxembourg/City
  • Dream of Amsterdam, for example Stuttgart-Amstelveen Amsterdam with a visit to Cologne or Düsseldorf
  • Genfersee, z. B. Berlin-Geneva with a stop in Basel or Bern

Rent a car for a road trip here*

Student extra: rent a car and get an Amazon voucher

Attention students: If you rent a car through Movacar, you will get one Amazon voucher worth 10 euros for free. This makes one-way rental even more attractive. To do this, use the discount code “STUDIRABATT” in the booking process. The offer has been valid for a short time for everyoneuse the coupon code here “AMZ22“. This is how you save twice when renting a car.

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be a vacation or road trip. The 1 euro rental offer from Movacar can be used universally:

  • Spontaneous city trip: there with Movacar, back by train.
  • Transporting large objects from A to B, e.g. B. Relocation.
  • Maintaining a long-distance relationship: Regular visits to your partner.

To the route offer of Movacar*

Frequently asked questions about Movacar (FAQ)

When is the tank filling included?

Whether you have to pay for the tank or not depends on the provider of the 1 euro offer. This is shown in the offer.

  • Roadsurfer: The first tank of fuel is included
  • Camper Vans: The cars are handed over with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank.
  • Europcar: The fuel costs for the transfer route are covered. The car is handed over with a full tank and must be returned with a full tank.
  • Indie Campers: Fuel costs will be reimbursed for the entire transit route.

To get the refund, you can upload your fuel receipts via a link in the Movacar booking confirmation.

What are the requirements?

To rent a car you have to at least 21 years be old and yours German driver’s license have owned for at least a year. For higher vehicle classes, the minimum age is 25 years. You need one for rent credit card with your name, which you must also have with you when you pick up. The name on the card must be identical to that on the driver’s license. In the case of particularly high-quality rental cars, you may be asked to bring two credit cards with you.

How much time do I have for the ride?

Usually you have at least 24 hours timeto drive the car from A to B. If the rental period deviates from 24 hours, this can be seen in the specific vehicle offer. For long distances through Europe you usually have 48 or 72 hours.

What happens if I return the car too late?

If you drop off the car too late at the agreed destination, the car rental company will incur additional costs. At the beginning of the rental, a deposit will be reserved on your credit card. If you return the car too late, you can be charged for the one-way rental at the valid price of the provider. If everything goes according to plan, you will of course get the deposit back.

What happens if the car is damaged?

In the event of damage, there is a deductible. Depending on the vehicle class, this is between 650 euros and 1,500 euros. You can reduce the amount for a surcharge when renting. The amount of your deductible is shown in the respective offer.

To the route offer of Movacar*

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