Brigjen EP is sanctioned by the Police for his sexual orientation

JAKARTA, – Brigjen (Pol) EP who is suspected of having a group sexual orientation LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) were found guilty of violating the code of ethics by Police.

The results were decided in a session of the Police Professional Code of Ethics Commission which Brigadier General (Pol) EP served on January 31, 2020.

“First, the offender’s behavior is declared a disgraceful act,” said the Head of the Public Information Bureau (Karopenmas) of the National Police’s Public Relations Division, Brigadier General (Pol) Awi Setiyono at the Bareskrim Polri Building, South Jakarta, Wednesday (21/10/2020).

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Awi previously mentioned that LGBT behavior violates Article 11 letter c of the National Police Chief Regulation Number 14 of 2011 concerning the Police Professional Code of Ethics.

The article states that every member of the National Police is obliged to “obey and respect the norms of morality, religious norms, local wisdom values, and legal norms”.

In addition, Brigadier General (Pol) EP is required to apologize in front of the hearing verbally and / or to the Police leadership and other aggrieved parties.

Another sanction, Brigadier General (Pol) EP is required to take part in mental personality, psychiatric, religious and professional training for one month.

“Finally, the person concerned was transferred to a different position which was demotivational for three years,” he said.

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Awi said that the case was an evaluation of the existence of LGBT groups in the National Police.

However, Awi was reluctant to explain in detail the evidence or chronology that made Brigjen (Pol) EP known to be part of the LGBT group.

According to him, the handling was carried out based on complaints.


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