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Lin Qingxia and Hong Kong rich businessman Xing Li have two daughters Xing Ailin and Xing Yanai after marriage, but she also treats her stepdaughter Xing Jiaqian as her own. The family of five is happy and happy. Recently, the three sisters sold the stocks given by their father for a total of 1.91 One hundred million Hong Kong dollars (about 689 million Taiwan dollars) is a big red envelope for the New Year.

According to Hong Kong media reports, on the 10th, Brigitte Lin’s three daughters sold the 211 million Esprit shares they held on their hands at a price of 0.9 yuan per share, and a total of 191 million Hong Kong dollars (about NT$689 million) were shared equally by the three. At that time, Xing Li bought it for 270 million Hong Kong dollars and suffered a lot of losses, but it is an astronomical figure for the average person.

In fact, Xing Li is the creator of Esprit’s fashion kingdom. Under his early leadership, the stock price reached its peak in 2007, with a share value of 133 Hong Kong dollars and a company’s market value of 170 billion Hong Kong dollars. He is regarded as a generation stock king.

However, Xing Li 㷧 successively sold his holdings and cashed out more than 23 billion Hong Kong dollars. He gradually retired from the chairmanship and other management positions. He finally retired in 2008. However, Esprit’s business declined gradually. In 2012, he invested again and was As a rescue of the company’s business.

In 2017, he donated equity to his two daughters Xing Jiaqian and Xing Yanai. In 2019, he joined his youngest daughter Xing Ailin, who was jointly held by the three. It is reported that the main reason for Xing Li’s three daughters to cash out their shares is that Hong Kong media estimated that Esprit announced a rights issue in January this year. They did not want the rights issue, so they sold the shares at one time.

Brigitte Lin loves her stepdaughter Xing Jiaqian after marriage and treats her as her own daughter. The mother and daughter are like friends and sisters. Even Xing Jiaqian’s biological mother Zhang Tianai has publicly thanked Brigitte Lin for taking care of her daughter and praised her. Xing Li 㷧 met Brigitte Lin is the luckiest thing in this life.

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