Brighton VS Arsenal 2-4 (featured clip): Artillery invades and destroys seagulls in area.

Brighton vs Arsenal: result 2-4 | Hosts Army “Seagull” opened the nest for Army “Artillery”, although they scored 2 goals from Kaoru Mitoma and Ivan Ferguson each, but this was not enough to bring the team to 24 points in the standings .8 As before, the away team showed decisive form with 4 goals from Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegaard, Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Martinelli, one goal each, making the team With a 43-point score, continue to occupy the top crowd in the Premier League.

Football Premier League 2022/23

Brighton 2-4 Arsenal

Premier League Football 2022/23 Saturday 31st December 2022 at the stadiumThe Amex stadium It was a meeting between the armed forces. “The Seagull” Brighton open door duel with “Cannon” Arsenal.

Premier League football highlights : Brighton v Arsenal

OBJECTIVE!! Starting the first half for just 2 minutes, Arsenal took the lead first. Bukayo Saka, who got the ball off the ball from the defender, got in the way. Before dialing the ball 1 shot and hitting the full point, taking the ball in the hands of Robert Sanchez, leaving no remnants of the artillery army, leading 1-0

In the 4th minute, the away team came close to taking the lead from the moment Oleksandr Zinchenko slid into the penalty area. Before he could slot in the change into the near post, but Robert Sanchez still closed the corner well. Strictly able to extract after

In the 15th minute, Brighton had some chances to invade from the moment Adam Lallana fanned the ball for Leandro Trossar in the penalty area before he decided to shoot straight away. but hitting the ball not so well but the ball almost sinks into the goal Aaron Ramsdale decided to sweep the ball after making sure.

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OBJECTIVE!! By the 39th minute Arsenal had already gone two goals up from the moment Bukayo Saka opens a corner first in the penalty area The home defender will head in for an interception from Martin Odegaard’s run and hit the ground with a full shot. He carries the ball into the net with absolute decisiveness. Army Artillery leads 2-0.

At half-time, Arsenal took the lead over Brighton. 2-0

OBJECTIVE!! In the second half, in the 47th minute, the visiting team of the artillery army left 3 goals from the moment Gabriel Martinelli dribbled the ball in the penalty area. Before shooting to save Robert Sanchez, the ball went in Eddie Nketiah shot the ball at close range. easy access to the net Arsenal went up 3-0.

OBJECTIVE!! In the 65th minute, the Seagull Army successfully beat the egg from the moment Pascal Gross sent the ball to cut after William Saliba, the ball reached the foot, Kaoru Mitoma kicked the ball into the box rigor. Before hitting the full ball, the ball passed through Aaron Ramsdale’s hands without missing the score, making it 1-3.

OBJECTIVE!! In the 71st minute, Arsenal had another clearance from the moment Martin Odegaard opened the ball into space and Gabriel Martinelli ran for the ball before going on his own. And he pressed the ball hard, the ball went decisively through Robert Sanchez’s legs into the net, the Artillery Army escaped 4-1

OBJECTIVE!! In the 77th minute, the home side scored twice from the moment Ivan Ferguson stripped the ball from William Saliba in the penalty area before Brighton got past Aaron Ramsdale in the net.

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VAR NO GOAL!! In the 89th minute, Seagull’s Army narrowly missed their third goal after Kaoru Mitoma had scored, but the VAR said he had run from an offside position. Before scoring a goal, causing a delay to 2-4

race time expired Brighton He defeated Karen himself against Arsenal 2-4, taking the Army ‘Seagull’ to 24 points, ranked 8th as before, while the ‘Cannon’ surged to 43 points, continuing to dominate the English Premier League crowd .

List of 11 real players on the pitch

Brighton: Robert Sanchez (GK), Tariq Lamptey, Lewis Dunk, Levi Colville, Pervis Estupignan, Pascal Gross, Billy Gilmore, Solly March, Adam Lallana, Kaoru Mitoma, Leandro Trossar.

Arsenal: Aaron Ramsdale (PO), Ben White, William Saliba, Gabriel Magalhaes, Oleksandr Zinchenko, Thomas Partey, Granite Shaka, Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegard, Gabriel Martinelli, Eddie Nketiah

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