Bright Tumklao recalls Tow’s engagement day at the hospital where Mom said she was happy to have done the last job

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Share the atmosphere on the day of surprise, marriage proposal and engagement?
Tow “On 25 Dec ago I was determined to ask Bright to marry. I chose Dec 25th because it was a very meaningful day for both of us. It was the first day we officially started dating. It was Christmas 9 years ago on the program too. Therefore wanted to ask him to go to his place

Many people have asked why they weren’t going to ask at the concert. If it’s an artist, you have to ask at the concert. I feel like we ought to ask a woman where he is the most beautiful. Is where his home is That is, at the story list, and then thank the fans, fans, news fans for following Because everyone has seen our partner since the first day 9 years ago and would like to ask everyone that we are getting married.

And on January 2 this year, we have arranged a ceremony to ask for and a small engagement ceremony. In a family at the hospital I want my mother, who is sick in bed, to see. And confident that the daughter will have someone to take care of Including giving your mother a blessing It’s a very meaningful thing. For both of us and our family. “

Look at your mother’s face that day?
Bright “Actually, if going back then, Mom wouldn’t wake up a lot. Because the disease has to relieve pain with morphine. Which will cause a lot of sleep But that morning, the doctor gave him a stimulant one day earlier. In order to better perceive mothers

That morning, we had a lot of hope that this morning, Mother would wake up refreshed or not. Because that night also had a sleeping pill But it turned out that Bright that morning, as a mother, we were able to tell him what would happen today. Bright said he was very hilarious that day. Because Bright and Mother are very close Ugh, so that at least I have the strength to bless the child. (The sound trembled and remained silent for a while.)

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It didn’t take long for us that day. Because your mother is very tired. Not more than half an hour is complete. The doctor asked my mother how you felt. Today my daughter held an event in front of her mother. Mom said she was happy. Having done his last job (trembling, tears, crying and still), personally Bright is glad that it happened. Because from that day until today If honestly speaking Is that perceptions are less, according to your mother’s order. “

As a child, do you think we have completed it with the day that it happened?
Bright “Bright, at least His mother knew that Bright would have someone to take care of it. Mom does not have to worry, there will be Tow and Tow’s family. Have more parents to take care of Bright Because Bright and Mother are very close It’s like the other half of my life (shaking sound)

So Bright said his mother thought it would be very heavy. If he will not stay Bright felt that her mother would be more comfortable. Because after that While he can still communicate Bright asked him if Is he worried about Bright? He shakes his head that he has nothing to worry about. “

What did that day tell Bright’s mother?
Tow “That day, it was as everyone has seen. I intend to tell my mother. And also intended for my parents to go as well Because I want my mother to be sure that Me and my family will love Bright. Will take care of Bright like a daughter I told Mom that you don’t have to worry. I’ll always look after Bright next to Bright, just as Mom blesses us regularly. Want your mother to see I want your mother to hear for yourself. And that day it meant a lot I still remember the eyes that my mother smiled for me. It is a promise that I have promised. And then I follow everything “

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This is the reason we chose to hold an event at the hospital, right?
Tow “Everything that happens is through consultation. All of my doctor’s permission has been requested. In fact, all my wedding plans I plan it in the middle of this year. We think we’ll do it in the middle of this year. But since the end of last year When Bright’s mother was not feeling well The doctor said to me that if you want to do something, you should hurry, so I postpone everything from the beginning, thinking that it will be neutral. Because the important thing is that it is not just us. We want his mother to see. You don’t have to worry about it. I will take care of his daughter “

Is it the exact moment now?
Tow “When finished the engagement I planned that we would have an event at the end of the year. But now, in the past one month It was a hard time for both of us. Because Brite’s mother was not feeling well. Bright needs to take care of her mother. Must work with We always try to stay next to each other.

And then, two weeks ago, my manager came up suddenly. Try to stay next to each other Always trying to console each other that it will have to walk through this period. So there was no time to think about when we would arrange it. When will we find auspicious time? When will you plan? That story is still a secondary matter. Because now everything in life is a lot. That need to be dealt with. “

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As of today, both are considered heavy?
Tow “As of today, it’s a tough time for both of us. During this time, we need to support them together. Encourage each other every day About the festivities beforehand When ready, I’ll tell you later. “

Will there be registered first?
Tow “I haven’t thought of anything yet because I don’t have time to think. There is no time to do anything. Because, as I said, it’s heavy. And come together during this time “

Bright “was Bright’s focus, now it’s mainly on my mother. At the end of this work, he will go to the hospital. Normally, who read the news in the morning and finish reading, go to the hospital every day. Saturday – Sunday too Try to spend as much time with him as possible. Other matters. Let’s talk about it. Get it here, make it the best first. And then, just like Tow, there is a story about Pee Wi too, so I have to gradually Support each other “.


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