Bright green Porsche from ‘Nonkels’ is for sale (and it may cost something): “Super fans come here en masse on a pilgrimage” (Knokke-Heist)

“It is not normal how many people stop here to have their picture taken with the car,” says sales manager Alexander Soenen of the Porsche Center in Knokke. ©  if/jve


Super fan of the Persyn brothers? Uncle Willy’s bright green Porsche Cayenne from the TV series uncles is for sale in Knokke. For 95,000 euros. The original car in which the character of actor Rik Verheye makes a big impression every week in the series on Play4 comes from the Porsche Center in the fashionable seaside resort. The car has become a real eye-catcher there.

Junior Verbeeke

Yesterday at 18:30

Serial uncles on Play4 is a real hit: the brothers Willy, Luc and Pol Persyn, who embrace their cousin from Cameroon with a West Flemish accent, are appreciated everywhere. Artificial grass king Willy in particular stands out: the character of actor Rik Verheye makes a great impression with a bright green Porsche Cayenne and a personalized number plate. It was made in collaboration with Porsche Center Knokke.

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“We often receive requests to work together,” says sales manager Alexander Soenen. “When Rik came up with the story, we immediately jumped on the bandwagon. We thought it was a wonderful project. We have quite a few flashy colors in our range here, but bright green? That didn’t exist yet. In collaboration with a partner company from Knokke-Heist, we left the Porsche wrapping.”


The color was not chosen by chance. “Because it was intended for Willy Artificial Grasses, of course, but also because our lawn in front of the garage is always immaculate”, says Soenen with a wink. “When the shooting was over, the Porsche was neatly displayed in front of the garage on the Natiënlaan in Knokke-Heist. That is now a kind of pilgrimage for super fans of uncles become.”

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“It is not normal how many people stop here to have their picture taken with the car. Can’t count anymore,” says Alexander. “We didn’t really know what to expect beforehand. However, the success has been overwhelming. But admit it: the whole story around the car is fantastic, isn’t it? Rik is from Knokke-Heist, so the local collaboration is also nice.”

Small additional cost

The green car is more than just a piece of scenery along the road, it is also simply for sale. For 95,000 euros – the personalized number plate provides a small additional cost – he can change owner. “Due to the changes made to the car, it costs a little more than a regular Cayenne,” it said. “We have already driven a few kilometers with it.”

“And yes, there are already interested parties. People often inquire about Uncle Willy’s car via e-mail and social media. But the car is not sold yet. Whoever taps him on the head will certainly have the necessary attention with it.” (grins)

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