Brigadier Hendra Kurniawan was disrespectfully fired by the police!


Former Karopaminal Divpropam Polri Brigadier General Hendra Kurniawan (HK) has finished going through an ethics process. Brigadier General Hendra received a dishonorable dismissal (PTDH) from a member of the National Police.

“Friends, today, this morning from 8 to 17.15 WIB, the trial took place in HK. Led by Wairwasum as the head of the committee session, by the executive committee of judges to decide the collegiate collective, the five judges of the code of ethics of the process “National Police Inspector General Dedi Prasetyo Public Relations Division Chief at National Police Headquarters South Jakarta said Monday (10/31/2022).

Hendra Kurniawan proved to have committed a shameful act in the case of obstructing the investigation into the murder of Brigadier Joshua Hutabarat. Hendra was also subject to a special placement penalty for 29 days.

“First it is shown that the person concerned has committed a shameful act, then the second sanction of the Patsus is 29 days and has been implemented”, he explained.

Dedi added, Hendra Kurniawan dishonorably fired by the police. This is based on the ethics committee meeting.

“The three decisions of the PTDH Code of Ethics Process Committee were respectfully rejected,” he said.

See also the video “Hear again Brigadier Hendra’s statement on CCTV at the Duren Tiga complex”:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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