Briefly: Morning News – Friday, January 14

Good morning. When can Grand Theft Auto 6 come out? Respawn loses the creative director of the new shooter. Epic Games Store distributes 4X strategy. BioShock is really without Ken Levin. And other news.

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Grand Theft Auto 6 should be released in 2023 or 2024. This is predicted by an analyst from Jeffries based on the acquisition of Zynga. Take-Two expects great growth in fiscal year 2024, which only a handful of titles are capable of. This shows that the new GTA could arrive in the period from April 1, 2023 to March 31, 2024. However, other reports indicated that GTA 6 would not have to be released before 2025. So we’ll see.

– Unannounced singleplayer first-person shooter (new brand) from Respawnu she lost her creative director. He left the studio after 11 years Mohammad Alaviwho previously worked at Infinity Ward. He says he is excited about his next adventure, but has not yet revealed what he will do. Alavi was previously the chief designer of Titanfall and also participated in Apex Legends. Respawn continues the development of Star Wars Jedi sequels: Fallen Order, Apex Legends and third games.

Epic Games Store distributes sci-fi strategy Galactic Civilizations 3 of 2015, which has 76 percent positive reviews on Steam. This is a 4X strategy. Next week comes the physics-based puzzle game Abandoned.

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Xbox Game Passu newly found Spelunky 2 a The Anacrusis. Both games are available for Xbox, PC and cloud consoles.

– Thanks Playstation Plus the number of players in Deep Rock Galactic by 6 million. The first-person shooter, in which players take on the role of fearless space dwarves, has a total of 10 million players on all platforms.

Ken Levine on the emergence of a new BioShocku he doesn’t participate at all, he doesn’t want to devote himself to more projects, so he only focuses on his new ambitious game in Cloud Chamber Studiosreleased by Take-Two.

– British studio Ubisoft Reflections, which is signed after the Driver and Watch Dogs series, is looking for a number of new employees to develop the new brand. The title is set in a living, breathing, reactive world. Other hints speak of an open world, perhaps a realistic and historical period.

– Nominations for DICE 2022 Awards controlled Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, has a total of nine nominations, while Deathloop has 8 and It Takes Two together with Inscryption again 6. All four titles are nominated for Game of the Year along with Returnal. Three of the five games competing for GOTY are therefore PlayStation exclusivity. We will find out the results on February 24.

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– Na PS4, PS5, Xbox One a Xbox Series X|S vyšel Shadow Man: Remastered. On January 17, he will head to the Nintendo Switch. To have it all, the game appeared on the PC last April. You can expect 4K support, 60 frames per second and better anti-aliasing. There are no trophies on the PlayStation consoles, while there are achievements on the Xbox.


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