‘Bridgerton’ star Regé-Jean Page is the most beautiful man in the world, at least according to science


The most handsome man in the world is none other than actor Regé-Jean Page, who plays the role of Simon Basset in the popular Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’. This is proven by an ancient formula that was also used by Leonardo Da Vinci. “He won with ease because of his eye distance,” it sounds.

Regé-Jean Page is the most beautiful man, according to the formula

Regé-Jean Page, many will know him as the handsome Duke of Hastings from Bridgerton. And now it has also been proven: he is the most handsome man on our planet. Or at least if it depends on the ‘Golden Beauty Ratio’, a formula in which the length and width of someone’s face are measured and those measurements are then divided by each other. The closer the result is to 1.618 (the number of the ‘golden ratio’), the more handsome the person would be. And Regé-Jean is pretty handsome, or at least according to that calculation. He scored no less than 93.65 percent on the golden ratio. Not far from that top spot Thoractor Chris Hemsworth with 93.53 percent. Even lower are Michael B. Jordan (93.46 percent) and singer Harry Styles (92.30 percent).

New computer techniques

The calculation has been used for some time, but this time new computer techniques were also used. “They allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what makes someone physically beautiful. And the technology is also useful in planning surgical procedures,” says Dr. Julian De Silva, of the Center for Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery, who made the calculation.

According to the doctor, the actor won because of his “classically beautiful face and beautiful brown eyes”. “He easily got the highest score because of his eye distance and the placement of his eyes. His perfectly formed lips also scored highly. Only the width and length of his nose fared less well with only a score of 88 percent.

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