Bride devastated after wedding dress looks completely different than she expected (photo)

Facebook / Meaghan Taylor

A woman recently bought a second-hand wedding dress, but when she received it, she fell back in surprise. The dress was a monstrosity compared to the photos.<!– –>

Meaghan Taylor has recently become engaged to her boyfriend Keith. Next year they will tie the knot, so she started looking for a wedding dress. The 23-year-old Canadian mum of one found herself completely on Wish and paid 65 euros for the white wedding dress with lace sleeves and long train.

No sleep

When she received the dress, she was shocked. The dress did not match at all and there was no trace of a train. “The dress didn’t look like the picture at all. I was devastated, but it also made me laugh a bit, ”she tells The Sun.<!– –>

Money Back

Meaghan asked for her money back and after a lot of five and six, she succeeded. She took a picture of herself in the dress and shared it on Facebook. “My face speaks volumes. It was too funny not to share. I am sure that a lot of people can have a good laugh ”, it said.

LEFT: what she expected. RIGHT: What she eventually got.

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