Briatore against Gregoraci: “If at 40 he goes to Gf ​​Vip to be with the kids …”

On the evening in which Fulvio Abbate left the home of the Big Brother Vip, since eliminated from televoting, Elisabetta Gregoraci remained among the most interesting protagonists of the reality show. Loved by her roommates, who haven’t nominated her even this week, she keeps everyone’s eyes glued to her, also for the sympathy born with her companion in adventure Pierpaolo Petrelli. “He’s a great guy. Nothing is happening but it is very tender. He also looks at me while we dance and he has these doe eyes, he’s a very nice guy”.

If she wants to be autonomous then she could also give up what I pass her – the tone response of the ex-husband Flavio Briatore to the Daily Fact -. She spent two months a year in Sardinia, private planes, 1000 square meters of home in Montecarlo, 1,500 square meters of home in London, the house in Rome I bought her, the driver. If at 40 she wants to go to the Gf and be with the kids and if this means freeing herself up for her, ok”.

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