Brian May, Queen Guitarist, Plays Important Role in NASA’s Asteroid Sampling Mission

Brian May, Queen Guitarist, Plays Important Role in NASA’s Asteroid Sampling Mission

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Monday, 25 Sep 2023 22:30 IWST

Queen Guitarist Brian May’s Important Role in the Bennu Asteroid Sampling Mission / Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images/Dave Benett

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Brian May, guitarist for the legendary band Queen, was apparently involved in a major NASA mission.

NASA’s big mission involving Brian May was to bring samples of material from one of the largest asteroids back to Earth.

The musician, who is an astrophysicist and holds a PhD from Imperial College, will help NASA identify asteroid sampling locations.

Brian May apparently has expertise in the field of stereoscopy which is usually related to processing 2D images to form a 3D visual scene.

This process is critical to identifying where the spacecraft can collect as many samples as possible without experiencing damage.

NASA’s Osiris-Rex mission went smoothly after a capsule containing around 250 grams of rock and dust samples from the asteroid Bennu was successfully lowered into the Utah desert, United States.

Brian May, who worked with his colleague Claudia Manzoni, played an important role in identifying the sampling location on the asteroid.

This 76 year old man really likes things related to science. In fact, he considers the scientific world to be very close to art.

“I always say that you need art as well as science. It’s like an artistic thing. You need to feel the terrain to know whether the spaceship is likely to crash or whether it will hit the ‘doom rock’ that is right on the edge of the finally chosen location, called Nightingale,” said Brian May, quoted by the BBC on Monday (25/9).

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“If that happens it will be a disaster. There is a billion dollars of American taxpayers’ money at stake,” he continued.

Brian May also admitted that he was very proud to be able to be involved and play a big role in this historic mission for humanity.

“I’m so proud to be a member of the OSIRIS-REx team. I couldn’t be with you today, I wish I could, but I’m rehearsing for the Queen tour, but my heart was with you when this precious sample was found. Happy sample return day and congratulations to all who have worked very hard on this mission,” he concluded to Nasa TV.


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