Brexit riots in Northern Ireland


Riots in Belfast

Protesters fired firecrackers in the direction of the police. They damaged three cars of law enforcement officers. There are no casualties.

In the capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast, there were riots and clashes with the police dissatisfied with the part of the Brexit agreement on Northern Ireland. As a result, there are detainees, reports The Guardian.

Police said protesters threw stones and firecrackers at them. The protesters damaged three police cars and burned several garbage cans.

None of the officers were hurt. Closer to 23 o’clock, the situation stabilized.

The police detained two guys, 12 and 15 years old, for participating in the riots.

Recall that the protocol is part of the agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the EU. It presupposes the preservation on the island of Ireland – between Ireland, a member of the EU and Northern Ireland, part of Britain – a “transparent” border, which is provided for by an agreement of 1998 that ended the long-term conflict in the region.

In order to avoid customs checks there, the customs border has been shifted to ports, and now customs documentation must be provided for the transport of goods between Northern Ireland and the rest of Britain. Unionists and loyalists are dissatisfied with this, considering this in fact an encroachment on the region’s belonging to the United Kingdom.

The British have negatively assessed the Brexit process

Earlier it became known that after Brexit in Britain, exports to the EU fell sharply… Imports of goods from the European Union fell 29% in the first month after the final Brexit, while exports fell more than 40%.

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