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Written by Philipp Misoch on 30. June 2022.

The new space strategy game „Space Station Phoenix“ von Rio Grande Games is now available in stores (e.g. at FantasyWelt) available in English. It is not yet known if and when there will be a German version.

Represent in the worker placement game by Gabriel J. Cohn 2-4 people Envoys of the Galactic Council sent to Earth to build space stations, observe and interact with humanity. The illustrations are by Martin Hoffmann, as well as Claus Stephan (Race fort he Galaxy, Dominion: Intrigue) and the season should be around 60-120 minutes be.

That’s what the game is about

The Galactic Council is considering expanding into a recently discovered solar system with a yellow dwarf star and some interesting looking planets, including one that is home to a species that may soon develop the technology needed to join them. They’ve assembled a ragtag fleet of ships that doesn’t look like much, but they contain the only thing you need to build the station: metal.

To get it you have to dismantle this fleet ship by ship. Each time you turn a ship into metal, your options for action are reduced: do you even dismantle your last fast transport ship, the only lifeline back to Council headquarters? Or the Terran expedition ship that you can use to travel to the little blue planet to get the food and water your workers need to survive?

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Tags: 2-4 people, resource management, space, worker placement

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