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Written by Martin Möllemann on 03 October 2022.

Strawman Games announced it “Federation” be localized by the French publisher Explor8. The German version should be available 1st quarter 2023 be available. The game was written by Dimitri Perrier (“Big Monster”) and Matthieu Verdier (“Demeter”). is 2-4 people ab 14 years and has a play time of 30 minutes per person.

“Federation” includes a “multidimensional”Positioning of workers“-Mechanism: First of all, it must be decided for each worker whether he should be sided with the voting side or the investor side. In addition to the actual action on the field, the column, row and side of the field on which the worker is placed it can also be chosen, to be relevant.

That’s what the game is about

The year is 2442. Thanks to technological advances, humanity has been able to find the answer to one of its biggest questions: does extraterrestrial life really exist! The first contact came at a time when Earth’s resources were becoming scarce. At that time, our needs and thirst for knowledge were growing equally and so we dreamed of ever more new technologies. We have learned that the universe is divided into many federations that trade, spy and evolve. One such federation currently consists of only five planets and is looking for other members. Many want to be included in this federation. However, only the delegation that will become the most prestigious within 5 years will achieve this goal.


Strawman Games press release


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