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Merlin Janowsky has played guitar since childhood. (Merlin Janowsky)

It is the world’s largest festival of electronic dance music: 400,000 people visited “Tomorrowland” last year; the music of artists like David Guetta, The Chainsmokers, Tiësto and Nina Kraviz was on the program. If a young Bremen artist has their way, at some point another name will be part of the line-up: Merlin. The 22-year-old signed with a Hamburg label this year and released his first own song, including a music video.

In 1993 “Ace of Base” stormed the charts with their hit single “All That She Wants”. Merlin Janowsky gave this song a new twist this year; his remix has been streamed more than 800,000 times since March. “We expect to crack the million in February,” says the musician. He released his first own song shortly afterwards – “This Ain’t What You Wanted”, which has been listened to almost 30,000 times so far. With your own songs, it takes longer and longer to become known, says Janowsky. “If we reach 100,000 streams, I would be very happy.”

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As a child, Merlin Janowsky learned to play the guitar, otherwise music does not play a major role in his family. But the idea that people partying and having fun with his songs appeals to him. He says that while jogging he thought “how awesome it would be” if he produced the music for parties instead of David Guetta and Calvin Harris. And so he entered the world of electro-pop at the age of 17: bought books and the corresponding computer programs, took piano lessons. He produces his first demos in his bedroom and submits them to remix competitions.

“Very nice, but not a hit”

After graduating from high school, Janowsky, who comes from Harpstedt, continued his education at the Akademie Deutsche Pop. This is how he gets to know his current manager; At the beginning of this year, the young musician signed his first artist contract with Ingo Hauss and Hayo Lewerentz’s Hamburg label “Unltd Recordings”.

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At the beginning of the 1990s, Hauss and Lewerentz became one of the most successful dance acts with the music project “U 96” – to date they have sold more than 15 million records worldwide. Her single “Das Boot”, a techno version of the theme song of the feature film of the same name, was number one in the German single charts for 13 weeks. “In 2018 I showed Hayo my first demo version. Then he said that she was nice, but not a hit. ”Less than two years later, Janowsky convinced the manager of his music. He is offered a contract and signs.

In the long term, the young artist plans to work as a DJ, touring clubs and being offered a contract by a larger label. Until then, Merlin Janowsky is studying music and communication sciences at the University of Bremen and producing songs in his recording studio. He set up that in Findorff. His biggest dream: to play at “Tomorrowland”, says Janowsky. But that can wait: “But first I want to produce more songs and gain reach.”

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