Bremen is sticking to the mask requirement on buses and trains, probably until March

Image: DPA | Giuliano Rettig

  • Health ministers cannot agree on a common strategy against the coronavirus.
  • Bremen does not want to reconsider the obligation to wear face masks on public transport until spring.
  • The corona lockdown should not be lifted in Bremen for the time being.

The health ministers of the federal and state governments discussed the further course of the corona rules in a video link. There was no agreement on the obligation to wear masks on buses and trains. Bremen continues to support a uniform approach by the federal states.

Bremen will continue to comply with the mask requirement throughout the winter. “We will keep the rule and then try to get out of it,” says Bremen health department spokesman Fuhrmann. Step by step everything will be melted down from March. But that always depends on how the coronavirus situation and the situation in hospitals behave.

Bremen doesn’t really appreciate the push by Schleswig-Holstein and Bavaria to abolish the mask requirement. There had recently been no uniform line between the transport ministers of the federal states. For long-distance trains, the mask requirement is stipulated by law nationwide until April 7, 2023. In local transport, countries can decide for themselves.

When it comes to corona isolation requirements, Germany remains a patchwork quilt. State health ministers could not agree. In Bremen, the obligation remains in place for the time being. It has been abolished in five federal states in recent weeks.

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