Breathtaking footage… The story of saving Syrian children from under the rubble

A circulating video clip showed an amazing moment of saving a Syrian girl from under the rubble in Idlib Governorate.

Rescuers managed to get the little girl out with their hands, and they reassured her that her father was near by her side.

The child Nour emerged from under the rubble, her face covered with dust, in the opposition-controlled town of Jenderes, north of Aleppo.

Other videos captured the rescue of another child, who was trapped with his mother under the rubble for more than 20 hours.

Scenes show the volunteers carefully removing the young boy from a collapsed building in heavy rain.

A second child, Ahmed, was pulled out from under the rubble in the village of Qatma, north of Aleppo.

Ahmed emerged, covered in dust, crying before being taken for medical care.

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