Breast lift, freezing of excess fat. A show returns where domestic celebrities “improve” their appearance – Cinema and TV – – Entertainment

In 15 programs, sympathy for well-known people who will openly talk about what worries them about their appearance, health, will be an opportunity to learn about about 50 of the world’s most current procedures for improving appearance and health.

The show will reveal the stories of actresses Rēzija Kalniņa and Maija Doveika, TV and radio personalities Baiba Sipeniece-Gavare, musicians Arstarulsmirus and Markuss Riva and 10 other inspiring personalities who will openly talk about their experiences of living with various imperfections in their appearance and health.

Breast lift, face oval lifting, removal of pigmentation, removal of formations, smoothing of wrinkles, improvement of skin tone, freezing of excess fat – aesthetic medicine today can do everything!

“Also this season of the show, viewers will watch as recognizable personalities share intimate experiences, revealing details about their health and visual appearance. opportunities through real people’s experience, but also to get inspiration to talk more openly about things that prevent us from feeling completely comfortable and confident, “says Lelde Ceriņa, the host of the program” On the Way to Confidence “.

Photo: Insight into the new season of the show

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