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The gaze crosses and trembles like a sheet of paper in the “victorious” wind of the wicked pink. Yesterday’s breath paralyzed the clarity of a pair of eyes: “I have cancer and I think I will die”; “I have no youth, I do not have my health, I am already incomplete”. Today they survived breast cancer. Paty and Lupita said this when they received the news.

Their eyes are sad in front of a nightmare that they have lived full of doubts and fears, both have lost their breasts. They say that an appropriate diagnosis is to be reborn. The sheet of that diagnosis marked her life. Paty Ayala, aged 53, says that the first to find out was her daughter, who when she came from high school she told her that she had one of the most aggressive and very expensive cancers. “I have cancer, it’s a very expensive disease and I think I’m going to die. How are we going to pay for all these treatments?”

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During this time, Paty has had catastrophic scenarios, but neither cancer nor heart attacks prevent her from posing and parading on one of the most important catwalks for women organized by the Rebuilding Lives Foundation, AC On that catwalk, she maintains her steadfastness for fight this evil: “I had to wholesale, I say there is a new opportunity, my life has taken a 180 degree turn”.

In Jalisco every day for every woman diagnosed with breast cancer, two die, despite free prevention campaigns and tests, taboos and fear are the biggest obstacles to a timely diagnosis. Added to these fears is the insufficient number of public mastographs in the institution with only 52 devices between fixed and mobile, recently there is one in the north, in the municipality of Huejuquilla.

Of this total, eleven come from the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ), one from the Jalisco Institute of Cancerology, three from the Guadalajara Civilian Hospitals, 30 from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), six from the Institute of Social Security and Services for state workers and one at the Guadalajara Regional Military Hospital.

One million 812 thousand women between 30 and 64 years old live in the Jalisco area, in case they went for a mammography study, it would not be enough to carry out radiological studies of the breasts.

About 7,000 women have lost their lives due to malignant breast tumors

The greatest number of confirmed cases of breast cancer are at these ages with stages 2, 3 and 4. Although the detection phase begins to shrink, the risk factor is latent. It is necessary to strengthen the culture of prevention and increase the number of detections. In the last two decades, according to data from the Federal Secretariat of Health, about seven thousand women have lost their lives in the territory of Jalisco due to malignant breast tumors.

A patient who is detected in the early stages has between 86 and 90% chance of recovery or treatment success. Lupita Álvarez’s dream has come true. At 17 she dreamed of parading on the catwalk, with her first job she paid for modeling courses, even if by chance her life took an impressive turn where she had to abandon her studies.

In this fight against breast cancer she realized her greatest desire to walk the catwalk: “I have no youth, I no longer have my health and I am already incomplete, I go to show myself on the catwalk it seems to me a very cool thing, unintentionally I will make a dream come true and not because I am young or have all the health in the world, but I feel very happy ”.

Although the fight against breast cancer has been strengthened as a public policy in the last decade, it continues to be one of the biggest challenges of the Jalisco Health System, inducing women to turn to institutions to check their breasts and offer quality service and safety .

Women go for a review only when they notice changes in the breast: oncologist

Over the past two years, the Cancer Institute (IC) has been diagnosed with 1,062 cases, most of them in stages two, three and four. Cancer surgeon Martha Martín Garibay complained that women go for a checkup when they notice changes in their breasts. “There is a lot of absenteeism on the part of women to be able to go to study, many times they may think that it is very expensive; also out of pity, there are still so many taboos, we have so many free tools and services that are given to patients ”.

The specialist said the Institute, in coordination with the Jalisco Health Secretariat (SSJ), maintains a campaign for the granting of free mammograms and ultrasound scans, as well as treatment in confirmed cases.

The Cancer Institute has a linear accelerator, which will go into operation in January 2023.

“It has already been installed, at the moment I am with the tests to be able to start in a short time with the treatments. It is radiotherapy directed at the tumor, it has a technology that treats the tumor area and there are fewer side effects of the therapy ”.

For his part, the infectologist and member of the Rebuilding Lives Foundation, Héctor Raúl Pérez Gómez, indicated that there are multiple causes for the development of this type of cancer, the leading cause of death in women.

Specialists invite women to self-examination

One of the preventive measures is to have healthy lifestyle habits and information for timely detection, such as breast self-examination and from the fourth decade of life to do a mammogram. When stage one and stage two cancer is detected, there is an 85% greater chance of cure: “The key is early diagnosis. 35%, and this is where the big difference lies ”, underlined Héctor Raúl Pérez Gómez.

To achieve maximum healing, it is important to reinforce information and have multiple mammograms. “Strategically available and in sufficient quantity so that these mammography goals are achieved by the age of 40 at least every two years.”

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Also strengthen information technologies in the healthcare system and have more radiologists experienced in breast cancer diagnosis to interpret studies remotely and reduce costs. Jalisco faces one of the most dangerous cancers.

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