Breast Cancer Race in Pamplona

It was a day of revenge, of going out to the streets to fight for a common cause. Shape didn’t matter: running, walking, cycling or even on a scooter. The company also varied considerably between those marching with family members and those carrying it out with their friends or alone. More than 10,000 ways to live a day and an element that united them all: the pink color as a symbol of the fight against breast cancer and which once again colored the streets of the historic center of Pamplona in the XI Solidarity Race organized by the Saray association.

For many it was a special day due to the significance of this disease in their lives. For instance, Peio Miquelez Fernández, by Etxarri Aranatz, I don’t hesitate to run for his mother. “We raced with friends and were quite comfortable. I usually come every year because my mother had breast cancer and was genetic in the family. Without a doubt, today I am running for her “, he assured him.

The young man attended the appointment with several friends, such as Amaia Marzábal and Irati Núñez. “We also came to support Peio’s mother. It was a very good morning and we are already a bit tired, “joked Núñez.” We started running, we stopped for a while and we ended up running again, “added friend Irati.

Ana Urroz, Sara Elizondo and Luisa Sorazábal also participated in a group of friends. For Ana it was the first time she had participated and she found the gear very “beautiful, exciting and overwhelming”. “My mother died after breast cancer and it was special. It is very important to support this cause so that she is investigated and many people can be helped, ”she remarked.

Sara Elizondo, from Santesteban, acknowledged that, fortunately, she has no close-ups of breast cancer. “But in the end you always meet people and it is a cause that must be supported for the investigation to be advanced.” Luisa Sorazábal, a regular at the event, agreed with her friends. “It seems to me a very strong cause and for which everyone should contribute their own grain of sand. Today it seemed to me that there were more people than other times and all, so it’s like being happy. In our case, we did it by walking, now we just have to walk, “she joked.

For his part, Nacho Delgado went to the Plaza del Castillo with his family. “We came to spend the day with the family for a beautiful reason and we are here as a tribute to everyone. My wife completed the route on foot and my son and I did it running. He’s eight and it’s the first time I’ve done it with him. He stood up like a champion. Last year we already did the circuit and this was the first time we came with the kids, which made us more excited. It is important that children become aware of the subject in order to continue working and improving. We were very comfortable, with good weather and a lot of people ”.

The atmosphere throughout the day was sensational. In addition to the march, there were inflatables, a photocall and several musical performances. As a novelty, 10,000 lottery tickets were also sold this year for nearly 100 lots of different products.

On a sporting level, Alberto Rodriguez and Ana Markotegi they were the fastest to complete the 5km course. But, as you know, that was the least important thing in a day of vengeance and solidarity like yesterday. The real winner was the pink tide which once again flexed its muscles in the streets of Iruña.

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