Breast Cancer in a Pandemic Period

By Mirta Ward, Third Position Councilor for San Martín

In the last 7 months in our country (Pandemic period), gynecological consultations decreased more than 55%, 48% in mastology and 65% in mammograms, figures from the Argentine Society of Mastology. According to data from these organizations, Breast Cancer is the most common in women, and increases in incidence as age advances. It is recognized in socioeconomically vulnerable territories that, with late diagnoses, are found in more advanced stages.

The Pandemic caused by Covid-19 has had an indirect, but important, influence on the routine management of the disease.

Specialists reiterate: “The main intervention to improve the prognosis and survival of breast cancer cases continues to be early detection.”

Professionals say: “Being overweight, sedentary, alcohol and jobs are risk factors, although gender is also higher in women.”

There is no doubt that mammography reduces mortality from Breast Cancer, when it is done by control from the age of 50.

A recent British study showed a 25% reduction in mastology in women between 40 and 49 years old.

In Argentina, some institutions recommend doing it annually from the age of 40.

Strong “prevention campaigns” are needed, with the basic points of self-examination, with a clear current recommendation, simply touch and become familiar with the breasts.

This self-knowledge will allow to perceive, if there is any change to be able to make the consultation on time.

In our country, within the Cancer with Science Program of the Fundación Sales Investigadora del Conicet-, the study of the way in which the immune system can give a better response to the appearance of Breast Cancer deepens.

The current study seeks to improve the recognition by the immune system of the breast tumor, and how it can make patients benefit from immunotherapy.

Today they recognize that “immunotherapy” is a treatment that activates the immune system itself, so that the tumor and metastases are recognized and destroyed.

In General San Martín, the number of controls carried out by women against “Breast Cancer” also decreased.

It is necessary to focus the information in young women on specific tumors, which, although they respond in principle to chemotherapy, in many cases relapse relatively quickly.

The Pandemic caused by Covid-19 does not paralyze all programs in the Hospitals and Health Centers of the district.

The Municipal Health Secretariat should establish 4 annual periods, programs, targeting vulnerable socioeconomic areas of the district, to avoid late diagnoses and more advanced phases in women with fewer resources.

For this reason, the HCD requests the Executive Department to apply and treat this project on Breast Cancer and to work together with the Municipal Health Secretariat to strengthen awareness and promotion programs, with the aim that more and more women have access to timely controls and treatments.

In addition, together with the School Health team, it articulates with the Educational System (primary, secondary and adult schools) of the district, to systematically provide information in workshops and other techniques and modalities.

With the Municipal Secretary of Industry and Commerce, more information is provided through business organizations and unions of the Breast Cancer Awareness and Promotion Program.

That it be extended to non-profit organizations, clubs and social groups.

All activities reflect the importance of the indirect influence that the Covid-19 Pandemic has had on the usual handling of information.


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