Breaking up with Radek behind the door? The incredible decision of White!

She likes to maintain friendly relations with expartners and still considers some former loves to be soul mates. “I was lucky to have three fateful men who still have a role in my life and play a role in it. And these three men, Petr Kratochvíl, Václav Noid Bárta (39) a Petr Makovička, they are my knights. If anything happened to me, these three would put on their armor and fight for me, “she said. White some time ago about her previous partners, with whom she had many experiences. According to, the well-known singer even proved her affection for one of the expatters with a huge financial gesture.

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Bílá stopped an apartment for her son Filip in the center of Prague in favor of Petr Makovička and thus undertook that if Makovička did not pay his obligations, she would pay up to the amount of 8 and a half million crowns. If she did not have the installments, her son would lose his housing and probably her relationship with Petr would also fail. What does her current partner say about this gesture? Radek Filipi? Doesn’t Lucky help him get too big? According to the already mentioned editorial office, perhaps not, because Bílá herself has stated several times that Radek is very generous and understanding. Perhaps his behavior will not change and he will continue to understand her decision.

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