Breaking news: Who attacked the museums in Berlin? The main suspect is Turkish cook Atilla … Pergamon conspiracy

GermanyAt least 70 artefacts from the ancient period were destroyed on the Museum Island (Museuminsel), which is popular with tourists and has many museums in Berlin, the capital city of Berlin. Where the ancient artifacts brought from Turkey Pergamon MuseumThe artifacts in. were also damaged in the attack.


Die Zeit newspaper and Deutschlandfunk Radio blew up the news, known as the biggest attack on historical monuments in Germany after the Second World War. Accordingly, it declared world cultural heritage by UNESCO, taken from the Pergamon Altar in the Pergamon Museum, which is also found in Turkey (I Pergamonmuse), New Museum and the Old National Gallery damage was detected. Unidentified assailants or assailants sprayed oily liquids on royal tombs, stone sculptures and 19th century paintings.



It was determined that the attack took place on October 3, when Germany celebrated the 30th anniversary of the reunification, and more than 3 thousand people visited the museum that day. The museum was closed due to the coronavirus, and its doors were opened to visitors again for the first time on the day of the attack. The Bergama Altar was closed to visitors as it was under renovation.

The most important part of the works in the Bergama Museum is the artifacts excavated by German archaeologists between 1876 and 1918 in the territory of the Ottoman Empire. Priceless artifacts brought from Bergama, Milet, Didim, Priene, Magnesia, Babylon and Assyria are located in this museum. The Bergama Altar is the most important work that fascinates visitors. The building, also known as the Zeus Altar, was built in the 2nd century BC by the dynasty at the head of the Pergammon Kingdom, dedicated to the Greek god Zeus.


These works were given to Germany by Sultan Abdulhamit II in return for the Baghdad-Hejaz railway project built by the Germans, but could not be completed. The legal status of the works brought from Bergama and Milet is controversial. Therefore, Turkey has applied to Germany for a return to the land where this works out. After the Second World War, Russia took these works to Russia as war reparations. Since the Pergamon Museum remained in East Berlin in 1958, the works were returned to East Germany and placed in the Bergama Museum again.



While there was no statement from the German authorities regarding the suspects, the German press brought up the allegations of Turkish vegan cook Attila Hildmann (39) about the Bergama Museum, which has recently come to the fore with conspiracy theories. On his telegram channel, Hildmann wrote about the Pergamon Museum “where the throne of demons is located”, “global devils and Crown the center of his murderers ”. Here people defended the view that the victim, the children, were abused.


Hildmann shared the news that the museum was attacked on his social media account and said: “The real thing is that it is the throne of demons. Merkel is sitting 50 meters away, ”he wrote. Hildmann had previously called “Illuminati” and “Satanist” for German Chancellor Merkel. Hildmann, whose parents are Turkish and adopted to a German family eat the books are sold out.


Like the QAnon current, which argues that the coronavirus epidemic is a lie, he argues that the corona is a concocted conspiracy to establish a new world order. Hildmann claims that German Health Minister Jens Spahn, American billionaire Bill Gates and the German Robert Koch Institute are members of this conspiracy organization. Hildmann, the German right-wing, was detained in the action held in front of the parliament building against coronavirus measures.


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