Breaking news … Statement by Minister Çavuşoğlu regarding the scandal search in the Eastern Mediterranean: ‘We will give our answer in the field, too’

Minister Çavuşoğlu regarding the illegal search made on the Turkish ship, “We will give our answer in the field as well. We will follow the political dimension of the work. We will not let go of this work. We will do whatever is necessary. It is the instruction of our President.” said.

On the other hand, Çavuşoğlu, ArmeniaHe also made the following statement regarding the withdrawal of the occupied territories:

“If this work goes right, if Armenia withdraws from the occupied territories, if normalization begins, Azerbaijan We will take steps together. If the process is normalized, the people of Armenia and Armenia will win here the most. Reign over someone else’s land is not permanent. With the opening of this corridor, it should focus on how Armenia will benefit from trade. “


Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the European Union (EU), Irini in the Mediterranean as part of Operation responded to Turkey’s statement that the consent of the requested search carried out in Turkey prior to the ship.

In the statement made on the English Twitter account of the Ministry, “Within the scope of Operation Irini (Turkish merchant ship), Roseline-A was illegally and forcibly exited without the permission of the flag state, and verbal and written warnings made by the Turkish authorities before the departure were ignored.” expressions were used.

The statement said the intervention by the consent of the flag state to provide a written statement that it is not necessary but Turkey’s and the right to compensation to protest this action has notified the holder reserves, without the consent of the flag by changing the position of the state was recorded as the difference ship can not be exited.


The statement also emphasized that the rules of international law and freedom of navigation should always be respected.


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