Breaking news! Missing Algerian murder victim

Algerian businessperson Mohammed Mekki (44), who does real estate business in Antalya, disappeared with his car on the last day of the Eid al-Adha. Sarah Deramchi Mekki (31), who has not heard from her husband since then, was found dead in her car 11 days later. More than 20 traces of cutting tools were detected on Mekki’s body.

The incident took place on Monday, August 3, around 22.30 in the Konyaaltı district Hurma District. Algerian business person Mohammed Mekki, who has a residence permit and has been living in Antalya with his family for two years, left home to get the rent of his flat in Sarısu District. Mohammed Mekki took his tenant Vladamir Sharabaran and his flatmate into his car to withdraw money from the ATM. After a few streets, Mohammed Mekki pulled his car to the side of the road to answer the call on his cell phone, speaking Arabic and French with the person on the phone, while the two young people got out of the car and started smoking.

When he did not return home, his wife made an application for loss

Meanwhile, Vladamir Sharabaran, who checked his account from his mobile branch, saw that there was not enough money to rent. Mohammed Mekki explained the situation and sent the young people to their homes, stating that he could get the rent later. The phone of Mekki, who did not return home afterwards, was completely turned off at 01.21. Unable to reach her husband, Sarah Deramchi Mekki went to the police the next day and filed a disappearance application.


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DHA Speaking Sarah Deramch Mekki, 4-year-old is 10 days with her daughter stating that shabby, “We are living two years in Turkey. We had no problem with my wife. Antalya We love it. The people were very nice. We have no problem with anyone. Here we have a definition anyone My wife buys and sells houses and land. Does real estate business. She left the house after saying ‘I will get money from the tenant and I will be back right away’ around 22:00. Her phone went off at 01.21. We could not hear from her again. There were people with whom she had disagreements in real estate and shopping. The person named EA, who brokered our flat in the lease, owed us debt. He did not even give the rent he received for 6 months to my wife. Also, a estate agent next to our residence mediated the sale of the flat. He asked for a commission from my wife. My wife was interrupted because she did not give it. Beautiful person. He disappeared with his vehicle. I am a foreigner. My wife did not leave the house. My husband left the house without buying identity card, passport, credit card, clothes. I k. We were devastated with my daughter. I want it to be found as soon as possible, “he said.


The security cameras of the site where Mohammed Mekki rented the apartment were reflected on the moments of Mekki and his young tenant and his friend getting out of the site and getting into the car. Mekki’s car was reflected on the mobese cameras around the Kepez variant about half an hour after it disappeared. While a person is sitting in the passenger position in the images, the face of the person driving the vehicle is not selected.


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Citizens, who noticed the blood flowing out of the luggage and the smell coming from the car’s luggage, parked in the parking lot of a site in 150 Sokak in the Sarısu District of Konyaaltı district, at 00:30 today, reported the situation to the 112 Emergency Call Center. Police and medical teams were sent to the address upon the notice. Arriving police teams determined that the car belonged to Algerian business man Mohammed Mekki, who is wealthy real estate. Examining the car, the police found Mekki’s lifeless body wrapped in a sheet in the trunk.


Inspecting the fingerprints on the car, the crime scene investigation teams confiscated the deodorant, the handkerchief with milk, some bottled water and some belongings that were considered to be Mekki. The police, who determined that the body was about to disintegrate due to the weather temperatures being above seasonal normals, took the car to the Antalya Police Department parking lot with the instructions of the Public Prosecutor.


Here, the police, who examined Mekki’s lifeless body, determined that there were more than 20 cutting tool marks on his chest and arms. Mekki’s body was taken to the morgue of the Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute for examination. The Antalya Police Department Homicide Bureau teams, which initiated a large-scale investigation to solve the murder, started to investigate the people Mohammed Mekki had contacted before the incident.

Sarah Deramchi Mekki, wife of businessman Mohammed Mekki, spoke to DHA at the Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute, where she came to identify the body with her brother. Sarah Deramchi Mekki, who said that she was miserable with her 4-year-old daughter, said, “I suspect EA, the operator of the site we gave to rent our house. I also told the police at my testimony. My wife was a very nice person. Her family is in Algeria. We will take the body to Algeria.”

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