Breaking news: Melek, who escaped from her ex, became the victim of her brother

Angel Lionbrother of Adıyaman in Yenişehir Mahallesi, Sanat Street, at noon today. Mustafa Aslan (21) was shot in the head and chest by DHA in the middle of the street.


Angel lionHe graduated from Dicle University Mathematics Department last year. Aslan met Orhan V., who also lived in Sakarya, at the same time. The couple, who decided to get married, met each other’s families. During this period, the young girl went to Sakarya. However, Orhan V., who often went to Germany for his work, began to experience crises of jealousy.

He made the decision to remove him 1 month ago against his old male partner

On the other hand, Melek, who was preparing for KPSS, finally met with Orhan V. in a cafeteria. Meanwhile, her young daughter called a boyfriend on her cell phone. Orhan V., on the other hand, went into a jealousy crisis and started threatening Melek. Melek Aslan also filed a complaint about Orhan V. to the Sakarya Police Department because of his threats. When the ex-boyfriend’s threats didn’t end, the young girl, about 4 months ago Diyarbakirturned to. Orhan V. kept chasing Melek here, too. Melek filed a criminal complaint against Orhan V. about a month ago and had him order protection and suspension.

In his statement at that time, Aslan said, “I met Orhan V., who lives in Sakarya, about a year ago. We became Valentines. He introduced me to his family. I was going to their house and coming. I also introduced Orhan to my family, we were going to get married. After I graduated Orhan called me to Sakarya. I went to him, unaware of my family. I started to stay in the girls’ dormitory. I also prepared for KPSS. Since Orhan was doing business in Germany, he used to go there frequently. While I was sitting with Orhan in a cafe in Sakarya, a boyfriend called. He asked me not to open it. He suspected and jealous of me. We started to argue over this. When he threatened me, I went to the police station in Sakarya and complained. Afterwards, their threats and blackmail continued. Then I complained again. I closed my social media accounts. I blocked him from my phone and came back to Diyarbakır 3 months ago. “



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In his statement, the angel, unaware that it will lead him to death, explained the process as follows;
“When Orhan could not reach me, he reached my family. I don’t know what he said, but my family called me and reacted. Then my family cut off contact with me. But Orhan did not leave me. They called on my phone and said that I won a lottery. I complained again when he battered me. Then he came across me again and again in Diyarbakır. He continued threats and blackmail from my social media accounts. “

Orhan V., whose testimony was taken, said, “Melek Aslan becomes my ex-girlfriend. I gave him 30 thousand euros. He complained about me with such lies because I wanted him ”.

Brother Mustafa Aslan, who was caught after killing Melek Aslan, also stated in his first statement that he committed the murder because of ‘honor issue’. On the other hand, it was reported that there were 3 empty cartridges during the investigation at the scene.


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